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Our history


TADEUSZ KOWALCZYK has been involved with optics for forty years.

After many years of gaining knowledge from recognized of those days optics masters, he set up a family optics business. Originally, the company was located at 17 Zwierzyniecka Street.

Working continuously in a small place, he continually improved the room aiming to reach the highest standards. Taking the company condition into consideration, he decided to open a new large optic salon in the same building at Zwierzyniecka Street in 2010. The new salon met with warm reception. At the same time Mr. Kowalczyk managed to fulfill the regular customers' expectations. As the Kowalczyk Optics Salon is situated in the vicinity of Cracow Philharmonic, the company is deeply involved in the Philharmonic activities, supports it and in a way has become a partner creating the Cracow Optics Salon which patronizes musicians and artists.

Mr. Kowalczyk and his son Marcin are certified opticians who are associated in the Lesser Poland Opticians Corporation. In 1999 as a representative of the Corporation Mr. Kowalczyk had the honour of presenting St. Hieronim (patron of opticians) banner to the Pope John Paul II who blessed it. Close proximity of the Metropolitan Curia induces orders for cardinals, Church dignitaries and priests.

The customers of the Kowalczyk Optics Salon are celebrities, musicians, artists, professors and Cracow Univeristies employees. It is noticeable that the customers of the salon are the whole range of Cracow citizens who often meet there, which is very characteristic for them.
The Company is a member of One Sight Foundation which aim is to provide poor people all over the world with glasses. The Kowalczyk Optics Salon participates in optics congresses and world exhibitions. It is also a member of exclusive optics organization Prestige Club which associates the most renowned European salons.

The year of 2012 is the crowning achievement of Kowalczyk Optics Salon activities - Tadeusz Kowalczyk receives honorable title of "Artisan Of The Year"

In a result of many years of optics experience, Mr. Kowalczyk provides his customers with the highest quality service and modern optics solutions.
He merges skillfully design of brand frames with professionally produced glasses, therefore the customer always obtains the highest quality glasses.

Looking at the continually changing world and the future of optics, he is convinced of rightness of his decisions.

In the year 2015 Tadeusz Kowalczyk received "Patronage Leader" title in Dziennik Polski plebiscite. Tadeusz Kowalczyk obtained the highest amount of Cracow citizens votes considering extraordinary sensitivity to art and its financial needs.